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The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it

Karl Marx, Eleven Theses on Feuerbach


Free Wheel North is not a cycling charity as such, it does many other things; the point is to improve mental and physical health.This year we have become very aware that internet hate is one of the main causes of mental anguish and suicide. We will campaign next year to protect people from a form of abuse that goes ignored and unchallenged, and for recognition that psychological assault is as serious as physical assault. For that reason we have joined The Center for Countering Digital Hate:

 Center for Countering Digital Hate | CCDH (


The website is now well under construction. when complete it will show how all our work is part of a vision to transform society, connecting net zero carbon with mental health, the right to play and the design of public space. Our little lives are part of a bigger reality, we are not separate entities, alone in the universe, it is just that isolation is forced on to us by the limits of our circumstances. The doors between our projects appear real to our limited perception. But











The eight sections of the new website will show how all its projects pull together to transform society into a compassionate climate friendly network of inclusion.

The Five-Year Mission

Free Wheel North has a plan to scale-up replicate and grow. Physical and social activity are the answers, and we have demonstrated the power of our projects over the last 15 years.

The Glasgow Green Cycling Centre

The UK’s busiest inclusive cycling centre serving hundreds of special needs organisations and tens of thousands of individuals.  2023 was its greatest year; see the feedback below. The Centre is open EVERY DAY of the year, bad weather notwithstanding.

Public space design

The Cycling Centre is an exemplar of public space design; it is how we should live, free from heavy machinery, a safe space for children to play, a village of social connections. Places for people is easy, just ask What are streets for? They are for mingling, the ballet of the street, for conversation, ritual and recreation, the street urchin, the philosopher, jumpers for goal

posts, a place with no barriers.

Campaign for Mental Health Justice and 

Research into Mob Psychology

We have not learned the lessons of history, on the contrary, the internet has intensified mob behaviour, destroying many lives. Hate and lies kill. We need to fight it.

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

Stephen Hawking


We take inclusive cycling to many other communities through roadshows and demonstration. Each event is a pilot for the five-year replication plan.

The Whitehouse Project

The Maryhill branch with art, free dinners, environmental projects and in 2024, alternative energy, networking centre for accessible public space design, relaunch of ideas café and bike shop.

The Boomerang Project

Wood recycling into useful products providing work for excluded people. After many years with FWN now partly independent but still a strong partner



Coffee on the Green

A café within the Cycling Centre, made from shipping containers; a community hub, venue for hire (as in COP26) and space for mental health.

Coffee on the Green at Free Wheel North - Event Venue Hire - Glasgow -



Related Projects 

In nearby Dalmarnock is the Baltic Street Adventure Playground; they share the same philsophy

Playground | Baltic Street Adventure Playground | Scotland

21st December 2023

A group of children experienced inclusive cycling today from Baltic Street Adventure Playground. This is what they believe:

Risky play is playing in situations which come with risk, such as climbing a tree or using tools. It is about children learning how to manage those risks so that they can play safely without adult intervention”

The UN convention on Children’s Rights is now incorporated into Scottish Law, and the Scottish Government recognizes that play is “fundamental to children’s quality of life.” Our child-lead, open-access approach is in line with the best practice outlined in Play Strategy for Scotland (2013) and in the Scottish Government’s Getting It Right For Every Child Framework (2008).

Lee Craigie  in The Herald 22nd December 2023


She earned her cycling stripes pedalling like fury on the braes of the Campsie Fells, discovering a passion for the outdoors that would inspire others to follow her lead.

Now revealed as just the third woman ever to receive Scotland’s most prestigious mountain award, adventurer Lee Craigie is urging changes in the way women taking part in outdoors sports are viewed and catered for, so more can grasp its benefits.

The former professional mountain biker turned active travel campaigner, filmmaker, author and champion for women in the outdoors, is the 17th recipient of the Scottish Award for Excellence in Mountain Culture.

“We should be making sure every child has equal access to outdoor natural environment," she added. 

“When I look at children in particular, I see mollycoddling parents trying to take all the risk out of everything.

“There’s a bigger risk - if you don’t allow your child to understand where the boundaries of physical ability are or how the weather works and all the things we get by being in an natural environment, they will fail later.

“Let kids scrape their knee, they will much richer learning for it, more resilient and will come to assess their own risk.”



2023 has been the Cycling Centre’s greatest year both in terms of numbers of participants and quality of experience. Customers have responded to the improved accessibility (now open 7 days a week and no need to book), spontaneity and relaxed atmosphere. The Centre is run entirely by volunteers whose expertise ranging from building improvement, first aid, bike maintenance, running demanding sessions with special needs and management have been amazing. We don’t go unappreciated as one may see below.

21st December 2023

This what they said.

Thumbs up from Abigail, it has so many bikes (age 3)

I like getting a ride with my favourite teacher, Emma (MJ age 3)

I liked riding the scooters (Isla age 3)

I liked going in the bike with the tent with Findlay (Daragh, age 4)

Eddie was off independently cycling enjoying the space to practice (age 4)

I loved everything about it (Finley age 4)

I liked the bike with the basket (Mylie)

I liked the scooter and all the bikes – everything (Niamh age 3)


Great resource for the kids from our nursery trip. Great helpful volunteers that were awesome with the kids. Really nice to get to ride bikes with them and see their wee happy faces.


It was great for the children to have the choice to try out the different style of bikes. The staff where also very friendly and helpful and had great patience with the children

Baltic Street Adventure Playground.

Christmassy Inclusive Cycling 19th and 20th of December

With Kear Campus, Enable, Antonine Court, The Richmond Fellowship, Clydeview School and  Quarriers

Dear Norman and John

Merry Christmas

Thank you for all your kindness. The boys love their time cycling and we will see you in the new year.

From Kear Campus

Saturday the 16th of December 2023

We discovered this place 4 weeks ago, may son had a fantastic time and has been asking to come back ever since. We’re so impressed by it and by the lovely volunteers, keep up the good work!!


(Ester suggests we open a Cycling Centre in Clydebank at Whitecrook Park near to a special needs school. We shall put it into our five year plan)


Thank you so much for your kind volunteering, my two boys are both autistic and love outdoor activities, especially the go karts, this place is so very needed. Thank you again.


15th of December 2023

No less than seven organisations today at the Cycling Centre, each bringing together people with special needs: Enable, Erskine Waterfront Campus, LInburn Academy, Crossreach, Spinners Gate, Cardinal Winning and Fair Deal.

We visit Freewheel North frequently with our young people and they all just love it. Friendly welcoming staff really make it an enjoyable experience for all


Erskine Waterfront Campus

Had a great time! Came to cycle with a group of young people and they loved it!

Sarah Jack


14th of December 2023

Five organisations in before noon: Linburn Academy, Quarriers, The Richmond Fellowship, Kear Campus and new to us, Miller Primary ENP.

Miller Primary just popped in. We welcome spontaneity;

First time coming with our group and the kids and adults all loved it. Staff extremely patient and  accommodating and wonderful  with the kids. Will definitely look into returning.

Mrs Healy

Miller Primar

8th of December 2023

Four groups in the Cycling Centre today: Abercorn School, LInburn Academy, East Park Home and Cardinal Winning School

We had a wonderful time today. We enjoyed singing and telling bad jokes, as well as cycling. Great Job Guys! Thank you

Linburn Academy

Jokes today

Linburn teacher: Oh I was watching a movie last night about 9pm, it was that rocky actor, Sylvester, what’s he called ?

Fwn volunteer: Stillone?

No, it finished at 10 pm

7th December

Hello Norman, 

We are now finished our Bikeability session.

 I would like to thank you again for allowing us to borrow the bike! The pupil loved the sessions and was able to participate alongside his peers, all thanks to you! 

Rachel Waters
Acting Principal Teacher

Bothwell Primary School


On the 7th of December, four groups were enjoying the cycling centre before noon.

Linburn Academy, Abercorn School, Kear Campus and Milldale.


From service users:

“We like it” “It is fast”

From carers

A fantastic resource, Thank You. 

Milldale Day Opportunities


Amazing place with amazing kind and patient staff. Always a joy to come

G Barne  Kear Campus

6th December 2023

The Cycling Centre is a bit of a sun trap and even on a cold day like this you can feel the warmth of the sun.

Free Wheel North’s activities are based on scientific research, and this is a case in point:

BBC Radio 4 - Just One Thing - with Michael Mosley, Cold Therapy - with Michael Mosley, Cold Therapy - Ep 3: Cold Exercise

Today by midday, three groups were in to do some cold therapy:

Clydeview School, Quarriers and The Richmond Fellowship

Cycling round kept us nice and cosy. Men super helpful. Very good service. Be back soon.

Carrie, Quarriers.

1st of December 2023

As the temperatures plunged below zero this week, is inclusive cycling off the agenda? NO. It has been as busy as a week in summer. These are the groups that have enjoyed cycling 24th November to the 1st of December:

Cardinal Winning, Middlefield School, South Lanarkshire Council, Buddies, Antonine Court, Sense, Enable, Clydeview School, Mirin Day Services, The Richmond Fellowship, Quarriers, Abercorn School, East Park, Linburn Academy, Cosgrove Care, Indepen-dance, Dalmarnock Primary, and Braidbar Primary School

Braidbar Primary brought 2 staff and 9 pupils as part of a weekly expedition trip. All pupils and staff had a brilliant time with lots of smiles. Norman was so helpful and friendly and the use of the café was great.

I will be spreading the word to other staff and schools as this is an excellent activity and can be planned as part a school trip to Glasgow.

Thanks for everything


Braidbar Primary

26th November 2023

We now have a volunteer website developer, so look out for a report on the last 12 months of Free Wheel North, a year in which the Cycling Centre smashed all records, despite being run by volunteers. Now open seven days a week it is the UK’s busiest inclusive cycling centre, reaching out to communities throughout Glasgow networking UK wide. 2024 will get the replication plan back on track.

​I had a great time at North Free Wheel and my family equally enjoyed it. We did not know that Free Wheel North is open 7 days a week as social media stated differently. After talking to Norman, it was clear that this place is open 7 days a week and website is a truthful source of information.

Thanks everyone!

See you soon X

A lady who needs a tricycle to cycle  about; we will provide one

24th November 2023

Message from Active Schools North Lanarkshire

Hi Norman,

Is it possible to extend the sessions? The pupils are really enjoying it. 



Majella Kerr | Active Schools Coordinator | Clyde Valley HS Cluster | Education and Families 

We need a techy volunteer to do our website! Anybody out there?


23 November 2023

Fantastic experience – Popped in with a class of 29 10 year olds and we were offered the chance to have a go. We will be back and telling all our friends! Thank you so much!

Newton Primary School


22nd November 2023

Wonderful experience for children with additional support needs – magical to see them pedal for the first time.


We have a huge demand for Learn to Cycle

If anyone out there can help deliver this through volunteering, please get in touch

28th October 2023

This is an awesome place, my kid asking for visit when he is not in school. The price is keep low for that we came multiple times as we want. Thank you so much for holding such a place. Even help provided when I take my own bike to pump. Thank you! The different kinds of bikes, especially tricycle, quad cycles, a good start also for him to  start trying bicycles.

Thank you so much

Ruize Tang

This is a wonderful thing – great people, a lovely setting and a healthy and fun activity! Plus a lovely café with home baking. If only more people knew about it! Thank you to everyone involved.


22nd October 2023

A beautiful sunny Sunday  at the Cycling Centre busy with hundreds of people enjoying inclusive cycling, including special needs and wheel chair users


We are so appreciated by people loving both the idea and how we operate. The comments only give a glimpse into the joy of having a safe place where children can express their urge to play and where adults can experience the freedom of childhood.

The written comments we capture are not even 1% of the expressions of gratitude we receive everyday.

Our prepandemic plans to replicate all over Scotland are back on track. Watch this space.


A great afternoon on the bikes. Kids loved it. Friendly and helpful staff too!


20th October 2023

Free Wheel North is about changing the world we live in, making it accessible to everyone. The Cycling Centre is demonstration of that aspiration, not its culmination:

Hello, my name is Giorgia and I am the EDI officer for the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transport in Scotland. I would like the discussion to be around barriers for those using the infrastructure we design.
I would be very keen to meet and discuss ideas to make a concrete change.

 I come often with my children to use the bikes at Glasgow Green, which they absolutely love, (the yellow bike that looks like a cross motorbike is very popular) 


Georgia Bow

16th October 2023


Have used this great service quite a few times. Guys have the patience of saints, as appearing with 24 kids and all the bike changes. Kids love it.


M Murray, Gingerbread, East End.

13 October 2023


Hard Knocks came today to experience inclusive cycling. Check out their organisation – and their comments


SOHK Schools Programme | School of Hard Knocks


This is what they said about their experience at Free Wheel North

Love it, What a great organisation!

Mathew Byers

Great wee day out and lovely helpful volunteers!!

Rory Jadeson

Great day out and to try different bike adaptions. Happily come back again. !!

Lisa and Calum Gauld

Brilliant organisation, friendly volunteers

Jack Burgoyne.

The Whitehouse Project in Maryhill


At them moment we are doing some structural improvements to the building.

But projects are continuing.

Art Classes Thursday  evening and Sunday Afternoon

Free Community Dinner every Wednesday Evening, meet at 6 30

Little Picking once a month: This Saturday 14th of October.


Café relaunch coming this year Volunteers needed.

We do outreach inclusive cycling in other communities and have bookings up to August 2024. Book early for your community event.


Recent Forays include:

Westerton Gala

Cadder Gala



2nd October 2023


Fantastic Opportunity for older ladies. Thanks so much. XX

We Will be back and lots of amazing bikes to try out!

Apna Ghar Women’s Project

22 September 2023                  GOOD NEWS!


Thank you for taking part in our seventh annual Scottish Enterprise Awards - it's been great to see a wide variety of outstanding nominees throughout Scotland take part this year. 

With this in mind, I am delighted to inform you that Free Wheel North has been successful in the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023, and has been awarded:

Cycling Promotion NPO of the Year 2023


22 September 2023

Absolutely amazing safe environment. I have a son with additional support needs and being able to bring him along to cycle (which he loves) and I can watch him how much he enjoys it is an absolute blessing! Staff amazing, So helpful.

Wendy Guthrie

(son attends Isobel Mair School, so will recommend this)

15th September 2023

Kids love coming here; they burn off so much energy. When we go back to school they are more chilled and relaxed for the rest of the day

Linburn Academy


6th September 2023

Great Stuff, very friendly and good environment, meeting people.

Happy XXX


Spontaneous Play is the key to life

The Cycling Centre is so busy we can’t find time to develop the website; We are smashing all records as more and special needs organisations and many other groups and companies want our services.


If anyone out there can help get in touch.

And we always need more volunteers for the Cycling Centre, Cafes, Admin, Management, and fund raising


The 10th of August 2023 was the biggest day ever at the Cycling Centre. The UCI World Cycling Championship came, with the BBC, STV, The National Lottery, The Herald, The Times and Radio Stations. We were interviewed 10 Times about the Legacy of the Championship and the Opportunity to transform Glasgow into an accessible city.

Katie Archiebald, Olympic Champion was the star of the show.

Special Thanks to two groups who came especially


Mearns After School Care


Your young people made the day


We had volunteers from around world, including those participating in the Championship.

Then we got a message from Australia:

Hi Norman,

We are back in Oz and recovered from the commute (42 hours!). I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for having us at Free Wheel North. We had a wonderful time and are so impressed with what you have built there for the community. It really warmed my heart and I'll always remember the short time we spent there. Met some wonderful folk and learned so much about the community. We will definitely be back one day 😊

I was hoping that you don't mind if we keep in touch. I have always wanted to set up something similar in Australia and would be grateful for your insight and expertise.

All the best,

Ros and ben

15th August 2023


The last day of the holidays, kids back to school tomorrow!


Three comments from today


Every type of bike available. Absolutely fab for kids and adults. Best money ever spent. Staff amazing to help with everything.


Member of the public


Sense loved our visit with the accessible bikes . Thank you so much for a great last day of our summer holidays

Sense Scotland


What a fantastic facility!!. Will be brining grandsons regularly. Wish Edinburgh had the same service. Many Thanks!!




Wolfson Brands had a company team day at the Cycling Centre; They are a well being company, they loved it and we see ways of getting together in the future.

Check out         

8th August 2023


Everyone had a great time!! Families and kids came over today to have some fun as part of our team day at Wolfson Brands. They all had a great time and loved using the bikes. Norman and all the staff have been super helpful!! Thank you all, we will be back

Sabina at Wolfson Brands

The Cycling Centre Flourishing

21st July 2023

Please could someone at your wonderful organisation contact me - I would like to gain a greater understanding of what you offer, where and at what time, with a view to bringing some of my secondary school ASN students along for a visit

We have heard so many good things about your organisation and my students are very excited at the prospect of taking part in your cycling activities.


Many tanks,


Tracey Lawson

Mary Russell School, Skills for Life and Work


21st July 2023

Amazing! We will be back. You have worked so hard to make such a great community resource – and fresh sandwiches were a bonus. Thanks so much ! What an effort!


21st July 2023

Wonderful what you are doing for the community.


20th July 2023

A wonderful, fun filled set up at Glasgow Green. Terrific staff . A Huge well done to all who this possible and a huge thank you from grateful grandparents.

Margaret Dunbar

11TH July 2023

What a brilliant facility, really friendly and professional staff all volunteers. My Daughter loved it. We will be back. Thank you for what you all do.

A great summer holiday activity


Jayne Rice

3rd of July 2023

Lovely staff, friendly, welcoming and so accommodating. Can’t wait to come back. A fantastic organisation



Cosgrove Care

6th July 2023

Everyone has had so much fun. Super easy going and kind environment.

Vala, Inclusive Homework Club

29th June 2023

First Bike ride in 6 years

Absolute pleasure, will be back



24th  June 2023

 Niamh Learns to Cycle

Great patience and very caring , put Niamh at ease, so proud of Herself and her achievement

Thank you, Nana

Absolutely amazing service. Norman was incredible and so patient with her. Can’t thank you all enough. Mum.

Thank you Norman for your help and patience, from Niamh.

19th June 2023

A huge thank you to Norman and team for being so accommodating to our needs.

The class had a blast and will always share this great memory

Thanks Miss Wilson

Alexander Parade Primary


A big thank you to Norman and all the staff for looking after us all so well. 80 children in two hours, every child was supported to find a bike that suited them. Safety rules were explained and everyone had an amazing time

Thanks Again

Principal Teacher

Wellshot Primary


16th June 2023 

Thank you so much for the care you have shown to all our cyclists. It was a fantastic day

James Connolly

St John’s ASN, Hamliton

12 June 2023

A group of forty children this morning!

Kids had a fantastic time. Staff all very helpful and kind to the children

Cross Arthurlie Primary

8th June 2023

The students had an amazing time today, and they want to come back with families.

Thank you!



South Lanarkshire College

5th June 2023

Fantastic opportunity for children to try out different bikes. Staff were so helpful! Very inclusive.

Thank you!

Toryglen Primary


4th June 2023

We came to play and the sand park today but to our surprise found Free Wheel North. We played all day and had the best day. Thank you so very much for our kindness today. We can not wait to our next visit.


2nd June

This is such an amazing space  for young and older spirits to have fun.

Many thanks to Norman and the Free Wheel team – our boys loved it.

Mrs Carter Weir.


1st June 2023

A great morning out for our pupils. A fantastic facility with very helpful staff – Thank you

Isobel Muir School


Such a beautiful project for birthday fund, for all ages and for hours! Thank you so much

Private Birthday Party

31st May 2023

Excellent facility for schools. The Children look forward to their weekly visit to Free Wheel North. Hope to continue with groups next year.

Drunmore Primary

Sad news

A number of our bikes were broken or stolen. On Sunday the 28th of May, we left at 8pm and the bikes were fine. First thing on Monday morning they were strewn about the site or stolen. About 5 bikes damaged and another 5 away. The police are following leads we have given them.


23rd May 23

Our pupils had a wonderful time here! Thank you Free Wheel North.

Broomhill Primary

Brilliant day out, great experience for our students, lots of tired legs!

West of Scotland Paisley College


Enjoyed it . Thank you so much!

We had a good time!

[They loved the conference bike]

Key Housing Milngavie, Shona, Tina,

19th May 2023

Best experience !! Absolutely loved it. After one sessions their cycling has improved so much and its fun for adults to! Will be back!!



6 Students of City of Glasgow College and 3 staff had a brilliant time.

Staff excellent and we will be back !

Thank you

Gillian !!!


11th May 2023


New College Lanarkshire ASN students had a wonderful time on the bikes and go carts. They loved the bikes and go carts and enjoyed being on the track and compete with others students. Thank you for a fab afternoon!

Nan McPhee


11th May 2023

Students from City of Glasgow College got off their computers and absolutely LOVED CYCLING here for an hour at full speed. The laughter and fun made a great change from moaning. A great service. Absolutely fantastic.

J George


10th May 2023

What a fantastic resource! We have loved it! Everyone has been able to access the bikes meaning no one left out! Kids have loved not only the bikes but staff! Thank you! We will be back!


Toryglen LCR


10th May 2023

Fantastic Resource! Class loved it! Staff so friendly and accommodating. Would recommend as a school trip. Thanks for a great time!

Shawlands Primary

2nd May 2023

12 children with 2 staff popped in from C3S Afterschool Care

Staff very welcoming and help all the children with their go karts. Children had a great time as was surprise visit as we didn’t know this was here at Glasgow Green



Staff very welcoming and helpful, something for everyone, 100% recommend and will be coming back !


The Cycling Centre is open every day and has never been closed


It is such a shame we had not been sooner because the café food is lovely, staff amazing. The kids are glad to be back on the track. It has been over six months. This is because we heard the place was closed and there was no money to continue. This place is blessing. I can’t afford two big bikes for my pre-teens. This place allows them to ride a bike with one of them being autistic. This is such a safe place.


Siobhan 29th April 2023

27th April 2023

Neighbourhood networks

-Great experience, loved it! Lynne

-John and Peter loved it, looking forward to coming back in the better weather.

-I loved the go cart! Jackie

-It was great fun and the staff were great! Morven

- I had great fun and good exercise, Kenny


24 4 23

Glenburn centre

Our Children young people and adults with support needs love using this amazing resource. We do have cycles ourselves, however always enjoy a day out in a safe fund environment. Free Wheel North is a valuable resource, and all the service users love it! Well done all!


22nd April was fantastic.

Shawlands Event outside Langside Halls - the first event since before the pandemic here

It was a pop up outreach inclusive cycling event  

Our two new young volunteers were great

Every seat on every bike was full for four hours. 


We now have over 30 volunteers

The Cycling Centre won’t be open 22nd of April as we are at an outreach event instead.

We have not posted anything recently as we have been sooo busy, with thousands of people enjoying the spontaneous joy of inclusive cycling over Easter

Today the 21st of April was busy with

John Paul Primary

Erskine Waterfront Campus

Linburn Academy

Cosgove Care

Autism Initiatives

Loop Theatre

Cardinal Winning


Lovely, friendly, safe place for kids. Yous do a great job guys x

Kids had the time of their life. Will definitely be back x

Kids are so happy here. Can play independently on the bikes and be safe. Will be telling all the parents to bring their kids. Thank you. Yous do a fantastic job. Your dog is amazing. X

John Paul Primary School

Great experience for all. First time visiting and certainly l will be returning. I will also tell other support workers about this place. Such a safe place and great atmosphere. What great job you guys are doing. Keep up the good work. X


Autism Initiatives

Saturday 25th March

Today  inclusive cycling will be having a day out

are not at Glasgow Green but at Strathclyde park

10am - 3pm CELEBRATING CYCLING IN ALL ITS FORMS! 25 th March, 2023 Strathclyde Country Park, Foreshore Carpark FREE ENTRY WECYCLE NORTH LAN Hosted by Getting Better Together. in partnership with Events Scotland Saturday 10am - 3pm CELEBRATING CYCLING IN ALL ITS FORMS!

 Strathclyde Country Park, Foreshore Carpark FREE ENTRY WECYCLE NORTH LAN Hosted by Getting Better Together. in partnership with Events Scotland Saturday

Learn 2 Cycle

Sunday 26th March: 10am  to noon

the last session before Easter! come along.

More Sessions planned for May

Coffee on the Green and the Cycling Centre

What a lovely warm welcome and tasty food. The kids loved it! The bikes are always fab – Really made our day, what a great charity.


12th March 2023


Learn2 Cycle

Free Wheel Cycling Lessons [every Sunday 10 -12]. What an amazing instructor and wonderful lessons. Our boys after a few weeks are confident, cycling themselves. Café on site is always good for a pit stop coffee and a slice of cake. Friendly staff too.

J xx

12th March 2023


Inclusive Cycling

This is a fantastic resource for our children. I would highly recommend it along with the brilliant staff.

Clydeview School North Lanarkshire

9th March 2023


The new system of teaching people to cycle is  very successful.

Every Sunday at the Cycling Centre 10 to 12.

Pop in


19th February 2023

This is an  absolutely fantastic facility.

Andy had my daughter cycling within 20 minutes.

A parent.

Obama the Pony joined us at Cycling Centre Sunday the 5th of February !

Inclusive Countryside | Pony Access

The Whitehouse 

a hub for inclusion

1641 Maryhill Road Glasgow G20 0DZ

9 Feb 2023 A Letter to Bob Doris MSP

I wanted to write a letter of support for the Whitehouse at Maryhill locks. I have lived in Maryhill for 6 years and really enjoy the benefits (close to West End, near the Kelvin and the Canal - I could go on!) but living here has been much improved since a huge amount of activity at the Whitehouse began taking place over the last year or so. Through getting to know those involved (just by passing by) I have met a lot of new people and become involved in new activities: I now meet with a group which walks along the canal or river three mornings a week at 7.30am which is a fantastic way to start the day when I am working at home. I have also joined some others in going to a weekly dance class at the Community Halls which I would not have come across otherwise. 

Aside from these activities, it is wonderful to have this resource on our doorstep. The amount of sheer hard work which has gone in to improving the space is quite a thing to witness: we now have an art gallery in Maryhill which is really exciting. In the last few months I have been at two exhibition openings and also heard wonderful live music for free. The atmosphere is so relaxed and friendly and everyone is made to feel welcome and included. I know there are plans to introduce more events like this. Aside from all the internal works, the building looks much better from the outside having been painted and planted up. 

The Whitehouse is a fantastic community hub. Since November there are monthly litter-picks along the canal which are very well attended and are making a real difference to the look and feel of the area. I had been depressed about the litter problem for a long time and it is great to join with like-minded others to improve things. There are regular community meals and there seems to be plenty of opportunities for local people to get involved and make new friends. I also rely on the Whitehouse for my regular bike tune up and repairs.

The Whitehouse has a real buzz about it. Having seen such positive activity right on my doorstep I would be extremely disappointed if the Whitehouse was unable to continue. It would leave a horrible gap where there has been a wonderful sense of energy, community and progressiveness which those involved have built up in just a short time. 


Best wishes



Whitehouse Projects 

New Mental Health Project      Mend the Mind

Come and join our new social well-being group.  Working with Wellbeing Scotland

Run by volunteers       Saturdays 6 to 8

The Aim is to support and build your confidence, learn new skills to help keep healthy and happy.  Individual counselling sessions are also available. 

For more information and to register

Phone: 0141 946 3837

Litter Pick

First Saturday of every month 11 30 am

For more information




Shona Dougall    A Retrospective

Shona Dougall (

Friday 3rd February 2023

Exhibition continues ongoing 11am to 4pm

Absolutely beautiful – stunning use of composition and colour


Thank you Shona, for those bright joyful colours you brought to this wet dull winter xxx


Such a beautiful exhibition


These pieces are so beautiful. The colours, the texture the atmosphere


Beautiful exhibition in a wonderful venue

Allan and Amy

Community Dinner

Free and open to all every Wednesday at 7

 8th February 2023 

The Cycling Centre at Glasgow Green

Every day is a great day at the Cycling Centre

We are open every day

Today we had visitors enjoying inclusive cycling from  

Langfaulds LCR

The Mirin Day Centre

The Richmond Fellowship

The Princes Trust

Active Health Care

Threshold Glasgow


Coffee on the Green, The cafe at the Cycling Centre

4th February 2023

We visit the café whenever we are out cycling. We make an effort to always come to this cafe because the staff are welcoming, and can’t do enough. The variety of food is great and keenly priced. The café is a lovely place to come to, the surroundings are lovely. It’s therapeutic looking out to the park. It’s a great service and a life-line to the local community  and further afield. I have seen many people come to the café to meet other people and try the lovely food. The homemade soup is particularly nice made by  a member of the family. What amazing commitment these staff have, and their extended family for contributing to an essential service – long may it continue.


The Cycling Centre

3rd February 2023

We want to give the staff at Glasgow Green a big thank you for supporting our pupils' cycling experience. Each week, the bikes are prepared and ready to go. The staff often go out of their way to cater to the needs of our students. Today, they were very patient with a nervous girl who, over weeks, was building up the courage to approach the track. They offered ideas, support and even set aside a suitable bike in a quieter part of the area for her first ride. Not long after, she was singing around the track.

 Mark, Class Teacher Linburn Academy

29th Jan 2023


Coffee on the Green

Had a fab day both at the Track and stumbled over the café by chance. We were warmed up nicely  with amazingly priced hot drinks and snacks. Café is a  hidden gem. X


It was good and I liked the whipped cream. The shop is good because it has teacakes.


The Shema Family



Cycling on the Nihola Wheel Chair Bike - new customers

Great fun for our supported lady.

Staff helpful and informative.


The Richmond Fellowship                

Learn2Cycle at the Cycling Centre

Every  Sunday 10 12

29th Jan 2023   Week 2

Excellent! My son was  riding a bike within two weeks



At lock 21 and 1641 Maryhill Road G20 0DZ

On the 26th of January was

 A performance by Helen MInnis singing Jazz Classics including

The Lady is a Tramp

Accompanied by 90-year-old Harry on the Accordion mixing blues with Bach

Musical genius!

Other performances, open to the public, will be coming



26th January

Returning groups wrongly believing we were closed!

Restart Restart!

NHS Restart have restarted bringing groups and taking them out into the Park on mountain bikes

Threshold Glasgow, also have returned – with their volunteers



Litter Pick

First Saturday of every month 11 30 am

For more information




Shona Dougall    A Retrospective

Shona Dougall (

Friday 3rd February 2023, 6 30 - 8 30

Exhibition continues until 26th February 11am to 4pm


The Cycling Centre is open every day. We need volunteers though, contact us as above. 

Inclusive Cycling every day

Learn to Cycle Sunday mornings


New groups joining the Cycling Centre every day!


25th January

New College Lanarkshire

19 Students and 4 staff who also enjoyed our cafe, Coffee on the Green

Students and sfaff had a wonderful time, so much fun!

Staff were brilliant and helpful. Will be back !



24th January

Netherlee Primary

Absolutely  fantastic place to get  kinds outdoor and active . Super helpful staff. We had a ball.



And old groups wrongly believing we were closed:


23rd January


Nice warm welcome as always, our young people love coming here, keep up the good work.



Re-Commenced 22 January 2023

A new system: Every Sunday 10 am to noon.

No need to book, just rock up

We teach children and adults to cycle

And we teach parents to teach children in group sessions.

£5 each

Run by volunteers.

The first session was an experiment: It works!

Inquires flooding in!

Week One

Best experience!!

We [two children, 4 and 6, and parent] absolutely loved it. After session 1 their cycling has improved so much and it is fun for adults too ! Will be back !!



The Whitehouse community Dinners at  1641  Maryhill Road.

Every Wednesday at 7pm we give dinner to anyone in the community. A great chef volunteers.

The 18th of January was a record turnout, feeding 18 people.

Spring is coming

The Cycling Centre is getting busy

New volunteers signing up, but we need more.

Are you a bike mechanic, are you a business planner, can you do admin and accounts?  Can you help with mental health?


We need all these skills. All our positions are voluntary. If you can give freely, join us.

During Monday to Wednesday 16th to 18th of January, these groups enjoyed inclusive cycling.  

Mary Russell School

Sense Scotland

Glasgow Womens Aid

The Richmond Fellowship

Linburn Academy

Antonine Court

East Park Home


Partners for Inclusion

The Mirin Centre

Cherry Tree Court

Key Community Support




We welcome new volunteer  Frazer

This is my first day volunteering with Free Wheel North and already I am overjoyed to be here. It’s a fantastic idea and facility. I got the heart-warming opportunity to take a service user around the track, It was wonderful, as we went round I could feel and hear the joy from our friend. I am made up with this and   was genuinely in tears of joy after the cycle      around   and seeing how much our friend enjoyed it. Safe to say, I will be helping out   here as much as I can.                                                                                                                                                                     

Thank you Free Wheel North. Thank you Norman!

16th January 

Donation of tricycle  from On Your Bike Millport

The only other place you will see a conference bike in Scotland 


Starting  February  

Mend the Mind at the Whitehouse

Mental health and Wellbeing sessions

Commencing every Saturday evening at the Whitehouse

Details to come


Starting  Sunday 29th January

Learn to Cycle 

10 to 12 and every Sunday

We will be in touch with everyone who has inquired with details




12th January

Annette Street Primary School

35 children with 5 staff came from  Annette Street  Primary

Thank you to the staff for a fantastic afternoon. The weather could not dampen the childrens fun. They enjoyed whizzing around on all  the  different bikes available. A memorable and joyful experience for all of them.

6th January 2023

Linburn Academy at the Cycling Centre

No less than four minibuses with special needs children from LInburn Academy came today. A record!

Our children always love it here

 A carer

Then a group from Hollybrook Academy,

A young man in a wheel chair from Community Lifestyles tried a recumbent, which he loved.


and finally

Cardinal Winning with 15 young people on

The two new PF mobility side by side tandems

The Roam side by Side

The Babboe people carrier

The Vanram wheel chair carrier

Various trikes and bikes

Comment of the Day


Very good.

Lots of kind  people. I would come here again. Very good go karts. Great Support.

A small boy with special needs who asked for the comment book.

(Mum, Katherine)

5th January 2023

Within our business plan is Cycling Centre Maryhill, which will serve East Park Home, who are based there but currently have to travel to Glasgow Green

Comment  of the Day

This is a very  welcoming resource and much loved by our young people

East Park School Glasgow

Happy New Year!

2nd January 2023


A busy day at the Cycling Centre

As usual, lots of photos and film made

The new website will be spectacular



Our international connections just keep growing

Today, we had a Dutch contingent. The Netherlands inspired the idea  of the Cycling Centre in 2008!

They had a ball:

Really friendly lad to guide us!

For all ages and friendly!

Enjoyable track

Handsome fella as well!!

Gelukking nieuw Jarr! XXX

Gigi, H Jelle, Vesta and D Jino

It was a busy day capping the most successful Autumn ever, with extending opening hours. 

We have been open every single day through October, November and December, Saturdays are especially great

We have recruited a dozen new groups, schools and special needs organisations.

The collected comments below give us glowing reviews, including for Coffee on the Green.

It was all achieved with volunteers, giving of their time for nothing.

Many new partnerships include great working relationship with Health and Safety experts.

Mental health and safety a rising star of our projects

The Whitehouse from 2022 into 2023

We have launched new projects at the Whitehouse, hosted celebrity events and starting litter picking along the canal the first Saturday of every month. Much more coming.

Christmas Day at the Cycling Centre

Four volunteers turned out on Christmas Day to serve the community.

The family bike was out and about, four seats and two sets of pedals. Ethnic minorities predominated.

Inclusion means being there when no one else is. We will always be here, every day of the year, rain or shine.

Christmas Eve at the Cycling Centre

Good day with children shouting “happy” as they tricycled around.

Two parents associated with schools committed to bringing groups in the new year.

45 children coming from a school in a big group early in January.

23rd December 2022

Glasgow Green Cycling Centre

Open every day over the holidays

Don't be lonely; be included through the power of pedals


Today a father and child popped in with a Christmas Card

Inside it was a donation of £500

Thank you  so much!

20th December 2022

The Whitehouse

A major event occurred during the evening of the 20th of December,  featuring a well-known celebrity as part of a film for television, to be broadcast in February 2023. There was dance, live music and comedy.

Our newly refurbished event an exhibition space was full and combined with an exhibition of prints by a local artist. Come and see the prints and get a coffee.

18th December 2022



During 2023 and to coincide with the 2023 UCI World Cycling Championship, the Cycling Centre will have its quarter of a millionth visitor since opening in 2011. Something special will happen.

Projects for 2023 will be around mental health, wellbeing bike rides, wellbeing cafes, and Come and Talk. The new website will explain.


Comment of the day (Coffee on the Green)    


19th of December 2022


Try to come by whenever we’re passing. Friendly place to go after a stressful morning. We’re always welcomed with a smile and a wee chat and great lunch on top.  Perfect place to relax and chat before the stresses of the afternoon kick in. Smiley face

A regular couple


  `18th  of December 2022


To the best wee café in the world. The work you do for all of us, especially the kids groups, is ABOVE and BEYOND all expectations. Keep up the good work and great success in the future.

Merry Xmas and a happy new year

Daolty and Agnes

News 15th December 2022


2023 UCI Cycling Championship

Working with Artists in the Community, Free Wheel North will be building towards the 2023 UCI Cycling Championships. We will be having celebratory events at the Cycling Centre, making full use of Coffee on the Green. There will be music, theatre, art, the construction of a great wheel, details to be confirmed. We will have parades of inclusive cycling in the city and play days on car-free streets.

At the Whitehouse, there will be creative workshops, 2023 themed murals for the building, performance and exhibitions.

All this will be in connection to mental wellbeing; our theme for 2023. 

Wednesday 14th of December

Another international event is coming Glasgow in 2023, the UCI World Championship, one of the world’s biggest cycling events.

We just joined a Zoom meeting with partners. Accessibility and mental health are two big themes. These are Free Wheel North’s themes too. For many years we have been pressing to make the Cycling Centre a template for systemic change. Our aim is not to go round in circles on a cycling track. Our aim is to change the world, hence our place on local and national networks.

The Commonwealth Games 2014, the pandemic in 2020 and COP 26 in 2021, all failed to deliver meaningful change. On the zoom were mental health groups. We know that streets-for-all are the answer, where access and play, meeting of neighbours, peace and quiet, birdsong, freedom from noise and freedom from danger prevail. Mental health is about community.

The answer is not social media. What kind of a world have we made were openness about mental suffering incites abuse?  The answer is connecting with other humans. We have a right to free from isolation, from online hate.


Eating is a social activity. Every Wednesday we give free dinner at the Whitehouse in Maryhill to anybody who wants to come. We are doing a special on Christmas Day. Don’t be alone; come cycling at the Cycling Centre Christmas Day afternoon, then have dinner with us in the evening. We have a great chef who volunteers his time.


Peaceful, Safe and Full of People Powered Magic. Wednesday Nights the Night for Everyone.. The Food is top Star.


A Human at the Whitehouse Dinner 

Comment of the day

13th of December 2022

Just too cold 

The Cycling Centre did not open today, too cold. 

this cold snap may go on few days. The Centre hopefully will be open  again later in the week. 

In general we are open 7 days a week and during holidays.

People who are isolated need us most at this time. Unless the weather is really bad, we will be

open on Christmas day and throughout the holidays. 

Mental health is theme for 2023, and we will start by tackling isolation and exclusion now.

If you are lonely over Christmas come for a cycle at the centre. 

Saturday the 10th of December

Catching up with Coffee on the Green

The café at the Cycling Centre features Steven’s home-made soup, which has been very popular.

Warm and friendly café on a cold winter day. Delicious food and drink – and a good selection of choice for vegan and non vegans.

Thank you very much


Ladies Group.

9th December 2022

Volunteers Emma, Phil and Anwen today

Linburn Academy were the biggest group, with 14 children and  enjoyed many bikes today, including the Babboe, which is proving popular.

The Cycling Centre is operating  better than ever and has returned to being the place of joy it had been in previous years. The  barriers and restrictions have gone. We all work together.  Fairdeal came again and they always use Coffee on the Green, our cosy cafe here at the Centre


FWN wants to make 2023 a year for mental health. Some of us in the charity have experienced extreme trauma, made worse by appalling abuse. The online world is toxic. Nothing is being done about it. But we have made international connections with experts as far away as California. Scotland is very poor at this stuff. Our mission is to change the landscape of mental health and the prejudice which targets those suffering trauma as a danger to others.

We have had a month of international networking, the latest being a visit from a project in Denmark; we discussed drugs, outdoor play and the internet. Watch this space.

Our Cycling Centre is open seven days a week and has been so since it “closed” in September according to misinformation on the internet. It is run by volunteers who work every day. Join us on the journey to replace hate with kindness:  

8th December 2022

A group of four ladies and six small children came and said 

Really amazing fun inclusive place to spend an hour



Comments of the day 7th December

Fantastic place, thanks a lot for your kindness. It was a great adventure for both the children and adults.

Thomas Jelstroem, Denmark

New schools join us every day, today a group of 34 children came from Spittal Primary

Spittal Primary School absolutely loved using the bikes and go Karts this morning. It was an excellent addition tour trip thank you!

A teacher

Thank you! So much  - we had a brilliant afternoon (primary 7 pupils). Amazing selection of bikes and lots of laughter!!


A teacher

Thank You! – I had so much fun!!

A pupil

Thank you! It was very fun and funny!!

A pupil 


It’s great to see lots of things for various abilities to ride. I struggle to ride a bike so it was great to see gokarts available. Smiley face.

Poppy and Ivan

6th  December 2022

Another great day at the Cycling Centre with two groups from East Park Home, Linburn Academy, Hollybrook Academy, The Richmond Fellowship and, new to us, Newton

Primary in Dunblane, who brought 30 kids, who had a ball.


Comment of the Day 6th December 2022

This is a great  idea, would love to see more of this type of adventure in different towns, Just needs the  support!

Dunblane Academy



Yes, it’s in the business plan to replicate everywhere.

Christmas activities announced soon.

Community Rides returning in January

The rides will be at both main locations, Glasgow Green and The Whitehouse

If you join the ride, you will get a   coffee discount, details tbc

Are you a confident cyclist? If so, you may be leader

If you want to volunteer contact 0141 551 8869 or

Comments of the day Saturday 4th December 2022

First time here with the grandkids and they had a fabulous time, lots of laughs. Staff all

Very attentive and friendly, definitely come back

Thank you everyone



Saturday 3rd December 2022

This is such a great place with so enthusiastic people running it. We love coming again

and again

Luke and Benjamin

Always a great time. Kart no. 53 is the best


2nd December 2022


Volunteers very helpful and happy

Sense Scotland Brought along a wheel chair user from Helensburgh and they had a shot on the Nihola wheel chair bike.


1st December 2022

Absolutely fabulous resource. Norman was really helpful + very easy to chat to in terms of service user needs.



Turning Point

30th November 2022

An amazing service. Great fun and source of exercise for the supported individuals.

The Mirin Centre, Renfrewshire Council


A great time was had by all


Hollybrook School

Both Mirin and Hollybrook were wrongly informed that we had closed down and are delighted to discover this wasn't true.

29th of November 2022

I love this bike

Linburn Pupil

Our kids love this place, we always leave with smiles on our faces


Great resource and location, great as part of Outdoor Learning and Health and Wellbeing

St Charles LCR

Monday, 28th November 2022


News of the Day

No less than three new special needs organisations joined in a single day.

Home - LOVE GroupLOVE Group (

Action For Children | Children's charity | For safe and happy childhoods

Merkland - Merkland


Merkland is a primary through secondary school which educates children

 and young people with additional support needs from the ages of 5 to 18.  They used a hand crank bike to today to assist ASN bikeability.


Comment of the day; praise for Coffee on the Green

Such a lovely service provided for the public. I come to the track every Monday with around 8 special needs pupils,and we go into the café where we are welcomed by Margaret who   goes above and beyond to accommodate us


Sunday, 27th of November

We had a wonderful day with over 250 visitors on the bikes and a buzzing cafe. All between noon and 4.

We had wheelchair users enjoying rides and youth projects. The Babboe bike, capable of carrying four children has been fantastic success and was in demand today.  Many thanks to the Crossroads Youth and Community Association for the donation. Check the links:

(Babboe Big)

Crossroads Youth & Community Association

Comment of the day, Sunday 27th of November 2022

Really grateful for the opportunity to volunteer at the centre. I needed to get out of the house and   having social contact and something useful to do has been great for my well being.


Saturday 26th November 2022


Citywise is a mentoring charity who brought along 16 young people today. They had a shot on the conference bike. Citywise works with schools and families to help young people unlock their potential, flourish in all areas of their lives, and contribute positively to their communities.


We have had an absolutely fabulous time here at Freewheel teaching the kids resilience and fairness. Staff are super friendly and helpful, and it is so cheap for how much fun it is. We will 100% be back!!!

Amy of Citywise

Comment of the Day 25th November 2022

What a great facility with very helpful staff, thank you.

Gillian, Mary Russell School

25th November 2022

The Glasgow Green Cycling Centre is having the best Autumn ever with already over 3000 project user visits during October and November. New special needs groups are joining all the time, for example

Murdostoun Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre


Bluevale Community Club

We are now open every day, including Christmas Day!

We have great new bikes, side by sides, and a bike for carrying four toddlers.

Learn to Cycle One to One

We have a long list, please be patient. We will be in touch.

Coffee on the Green

Our café at the cycling centre, open Friday to Monday and for venue hire and community groups at other times. We do parties.

The Whitehouse Café and Bike Shop

1641 Maryhill Road G20 0DZ

Networking, venue, emerging Centre for Learning through Play. 

Art exhibitions

Free community dinners

Amazing time as always, really beneficial to all our pupils with ASN. Thanks so much, can’t wait to come back.

Ashton Secondary 28th October 2022

Fantastic Centre with so much variety for everyone. Our pupils had a great time, we look forward to our next visit.

Mary Russell School 31st October 2022.

Fantastic place, great range of bikes, safe area for kids to interact and get exercise. Fully recommend it.

Erskine Waterfront Campus

31st October 2022

Absolutely fantastic venue in fact one of the very few available to ASN children

Linburn Academy

1st November 2022.

We use these bikes every week. The staff (Norman) is wonderful and so helpful and friendly. We hope the bikes will always be here. We love it.

Scottish Autism 1st November 2022.

(Thank you, the bikes will always be here, don’t worry)

Happy that no more booking is required. You can just turn up on the day. Amazing new double bikes.

Great place for kids/adults with additional needs.


3rd November 2022.


Great fun. Norman is some man.


Bluevale Community Club, 3rd November 2022


Great activity, been good not having to book, more flexibility. Would be beneficial for us and service users to be more involved in future.

Active Healthcare

5th November 2022.


Love the inclusiveness of the bikes. Easy to access, Kids loved it. We will be back every Thursday!

 St Kevin’s Primary 3rd November 2022.

A great facility for our pupils to enjoy and practice their pedalling skills

Crossreach 4th November 2022.


Amazing facility for kids and adults inclusive of all abilities. Would love to have this in Aberdeen. Thank you.

Graham family 26th October 2022.


Great Day out, kids love it. New bikes fantastic.

East Park Home

27th October 2022


This is a fantastic resource where my adult son who has autism can have the freedom to cycle on his own on a bike/go-cart that is suitable, great range. Getting exercise and having lots of fun. Thank you.

Laura Livingston 27th October 2022.

Had a great afternoon with all the family, inclusive for all kids 3- 10. Staff so accommodating and great with kids, couldn’t do enough to support and encourage kids. Not enough things like this in Glasgow and surrounding areas. Thank you.

K Carbury 12th November 2022.

Great activity for the family, very happy to see it managed to keep going in current cost of living crisis. I hope it continues.

Member of the public 12 November 2022

The bikes are amazing because I get a roll and sausage and crisps. I go to the park with my Mam and sister.

Sean Craighead, project user 13th November 2022.

project realunch 
coming soon 


Four volunteers are getting Velotech trained as we speak. Watch this space. 


  • Gain new skills and work experience

  • Meet new people and be part of a thriving team

  • Improve your mental and physical well-being

  • Access training and qualifications


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