Purpose / role of the group:

  • The Glasgow Community Cycling Network aims to deliver an effective “on the ground” behavioural change campaign focusing on key common deliverables to increase levels of cycling for utility, health and commuting.

  • The GCCN will work together to address the barriers to cycling across accessibility, gender and ethnic barriers as well as negative perceptions with each group bringing their particular expertise to their target demographics.

  • The group was established in April 2016, funded by Glasgow City Council through the Paths For All ‘Smarter Choices, Smarter Places’ funding stream.

  • The Glasgow Community Cycle Network will work to provide a range of resources, training opportunities, events and information to encourage more people to cycle more often and to address the barriers recognised across individual charities.

  • The GCCN will focus work on providing opportunities to engage Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) communities, unemployed, families, individuals with health problems and those with accessibility requirements.

Free Wheel North and the GCCN:

Free Wheel North committed to three categories of activity as its contribution to GCCN.

1) Promotion and behaviour change

2) Led Rides

3) Family and Inclusive Cycling.

Some activities will crossover between the three categories.

 1) Most of the promotional and behaviour change will be focused at the White House in Maryhill.  The venue will work with other organisations such as Abellio / Scotrail, GCC Scottish Canals, Sustrans, Cycling Uk, Bike Station, Scottish Government and Transport and other suitable partners to host active travel events to promote and engage the local communities in becoming more active in terms of cycling and walking. FWN is working towards developing the White House centre as a venue for the promotion of a healthy Glasgow with a cycling focus.

2) FWN has regular led rides leaving from both of our sites at Glasgow Green and in Maryhill. We offer rides 4 days of the week aimed at cyclists of both a beginner level and a more advanced level. Bikes are available for hire if participants require them. We offer group rides for local community groups as and when required, to engage people who have not been able to access cycling, such as the Maryhill Integration Network , Al-Meezan and local Autism group, Auticulture . 

3) FWN will continue to teach and encourage people of all ages and abilities to ride a bike. While some people need to learn the basic skills of pedaling and cycling, others already have these skills but lack the confidence to use them. Our team will assess individuals and use the most appropriate teaching skills to ensure people become confident and competent cyclists. Some people are unable to ride on 2 wheels due to physical disability but we encourage and support individuals to cycle our range of adapted bikes.

FWN have done and will continue to attend the larger GCCN events with adapted bikes to show people the variety of adapted bikes available, and will also offer one to one learn to ride sessions for those with additional support needs.