Free Wheel North now has two centres

Glasgow Green
The White House

We have our base at Glasgow Green, where we have: 

  • 1 km of training track;

  • a range of adapted bikes, trikes, go-karts and other pedal-powered machines;

  • Learn to Ride programme;

  • a variety of Led Rides.

We also have a new facility at the White House,  where we have:

  • a bike workshop offering on-the-spot fixes, and a more in-depth repair service;

  • bikes to buy;

  • a variety of Led Rides;

  • research centre for cycling, street design, and public health.


Free Wheel North

set off 

First  Led Ride


Special needs Cycle Centre at  Glasgow Green 


By 2016 we have :
  • Led 3594   rides from our  Cycle Centre
  • Obtained 201   bicycles
  • Taught  244  people how to ride a bike


new facility at the  

White House  established

This work has been supported by

Funded from the Spirit of Calton - Fourteen Community. The Fund is aministred by Foundation Scotland.

Glasgow Green Cycle Centre 
Templeton Street 
Glasgow, G40 1AT
Tel: 0141 551 8869

The White House
1641 Maryhill Road
Glasgow, G20 0DZ
Tel: 0141 946 3837

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