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Volunteering with Free Wheel North is a great way to join in the growing cycling community in Glasgow. As well as helping you to develop useful skills and experience and make new friends, we can provide the feel-good factor and the satisfaction of knowing you are doing something worthwhile with your free time.

We have a range of volunteering opportunities at our Cycling Centre on Glasgow Green.  As a volunteer you will be working face to face with clients and customers at our dedicated off-road cycle track where we have a wide variety of bikes, trikes, tandems, go-karts and specially adapted bikes available for use. We have a large number of users who come to the track on a regular basis. The track is used by people of all ages and abilities to learn how to cycle confidently in a safe environment without the presence of motor vehicles, pedestrians and other distractions and obstructions. It’s also a great place to have fun on two (and three and four) wheels. 
We work with groups from Sense Scotland, Quarriers, Enable, National Autistic Society, Community Lifestyles among others, along with schools and college groups. The track is also open to the public. 
During school holiday and particularly during warmer weather, there is high demand for our track facilities. We need volunteers to help us manage that demand. 
The kind of work you will be involved in, may include some or all of the following: 

  • ensuring the safe, fluid movement of all vehicles on the track; 

  • removing and stowing bikes and go-karts from and to the containers; 

  • moving bikes around the site;

  • meeting and greeting customers and other project users;

  • matching new customers with suitable/adapted bikes, trikes and go-karts; 

  • instructing users on safe operation of bikes and karts; 

  • directing track users on the safe handling of bikes and karts while on the track; 

  • working with specific users who may need more intensive support in operating their chosen bicycle or kart. 


In return, we offer you: 

  • experience in working with groups and individuals with varying needs;

  • advice and guidance in bicycle maintenance;

  • recreational access to the track during quieter periods;

  • travel expenses to and from the facility up to £12 per week;

  • the opportunity to extend your journey with Free Wheel North by training to become a ride leader; 

  • the opportunity to undertake further training towards career opportunities within Free Wheel North and other affiliated cycling organisations.


If you would like to volunteer or to chat more about the kinds of opportunities available, please get in touch. 

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