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If you’ve been keeping up with us on social media recently, you will have seen a bunch of content for

our up and coming event CYCLE 21. We have teamed up with event students and graduates at

Spring Events to create a cycling event aimed to get you in gear for the new year! You can find out

more about the Cycle 21 event and how to get involved here or check out our Facebook event here.

You may be asking yourself who are these Spring event peeps?! So, we thought we’d fill you in on

how Cycle 21 came about-

Neil (co-founder of Spring events) and Events Management Lecturer at Glasgow Clyde College first

became aware of Free Wheel North on a visit to their Glasgow Green site with his two kids. Fast

forward a few years and many more visits, the kids had learned to ride their bikes through the

structured lessons and support delivered by the amazing staff and volunteers. Keen to support the

positive work of the organisation, Neil reached out to offer the support of Spring Events to future

fundraising projects and a few meetings later, Cycle 21 was created and put into action. Julie, co-

founder of Spring events, and events management graduate has been working alongside us at Free

Wheel North to bring Cycle 21 to life!

Keep updated on our 2021 fundraising campaign over at Free Wheel North - We hope to bring you more fun events throughout the year.

To find out more about the Spring Events social enterprise you can have a look at their website here.

You can also check out what they are up to over on their social media channels linked below, be sure to give them a like/follow! -


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